I’ve been hiding..

Has it really been since Lent that I posted?  In case you didn’t know.. the end of school is exhausting.  It was exhausting when I was a teacher.. and it is equally exhausting as a parent.  Testing, field day, teacher appreciation, class parties, last minute field trips, class gifts, picnics, programs.. the list goes on and on.  Fun? Yes!  Important? Yes! Exhausting?? YES and YES!  But, we survived and I didn’t miss anything important so I consider it a successful end.  Hard to believe that next year I will have a 2nd grader and a Kindergartener.  Where has the time gone??

Now it is summer and I am working to find a new normal for my busy fellas.  I saw this post on Pinterest and decided to give it a try.  Today was day #2 and so far I would call it a success.  My 2 big boys have done their chores and have taken great pride in their work.  Mom has thoroughly enjoyed the quiet time (I actually sat down for a minute!) and the more picked up house.  

Here is the link to the blog.  I will take some pictures and report back on how it is going later on!


Hope your end of school year was successful.. or for those of you who don’t live by an August to August calendar, hope you are ready for the heat!

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